A site dedicated to our forefathers who lived and achieved great deeds in a blessed but fatal land.

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Photographic Library of 1919
Photographic Library of 1920
Photographic Library of 1921
Photographic Library of 1922
The Architectural beauty of Public and Private buildings of Smyrna.
The Hellenic Airforce during the Asia Minor Campaign
Photographic library of daily life and landscapes in Asia Minor during 1900 - 1922
Old Postcards from Smyrna

Personalities of the era

Testimonies during 1922 - Asia Minor
A collection of Immortal Lyrics and Poems - Asia Minor
Selection of famous Hellenic sounds and songs.
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The City of the Constantine - Constantinoupolis. Old pictures of the city. Related Links


This site aims at displaying original pictures of the Asia Minor Campaign (1918-1922) as well as some unknown but significant documents which truthfully describe how life in Smyrna was at the time near the total catastrophe of the city. They are not only to document the social and the political life of the period, but also to monitor some hidden elements of the situation that led to the tragedy. Photographs, at a majority, take the place of texts and words in order the independent historical Researcher to form its own opinion about the facts of that black-letter era.  Though, it must be clearly stated that this specific page does not intent  to misinterpret the real events neither to present the facts biased in favour of the Hellenic party. It merely seeks for the truth, as a relief for the thousands innocent souls brutally killed on the holy land of Ionia, the millions of deported locals as well as of a brilliant civilization lost for ever...

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Smyrna, Sep 22
"I left from Smyrna feeling deep shame just  because I belonged to the human race"
George Horton
(U.S. Consul-General in Smyrna)

Woman of Smyrna (Smyrnia)
"To describe the woman of Smyrna I am obliged to invoke the help of all Artists, choosing from their masterpieces the best. Capable for this, could only be Apellis and Zefxis, Parasios and Fidias"
Loukianos (120 - 200 A.C.)

Metropolitan Chrysostomos
  of Smyrna (1867 - 1922)
Devoted to the Great Martyrs of a Deported Nation

Georgios Seferis

"Who will discover the truth? The wrong has been committed.

The important thing is who will redeem it"?

George Seferis

(Smyrna, 1900 - 1971)

Nobel price in Literature, 1963

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